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Brase Yourself is an Australian Company, with 100% of our products manufactured in and from Australia. Brase Yourself is the NEXT BIG THING in Head and Neck Restraints. The Brase 360 provides 360 degrees of Head & Neck support, it is the only device available on the market which protects you no matter which direction the G-Forces come from. Traditional Head & Neck restraints only protect you from a frontal impact. We will be revealing our Brase Vest which used in conjunction with the Brase 360 will create a 38.1 certifiable Head & Neck Restraint System.. one which does not require the use of seatbelts. It will be THE BEST head & neck restraint system available.

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When you’re ready to take on the game-changing approach to head and neck protection, you’re ready for Brase 360.

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Circuit Racing, Road and Off Road Rally, Karting, Sprintcars, Boat Racing, Motorbikes and all other motorsport activities.

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