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In 1996 after Dying 3 times in the race car, our Founder was pronounced dead and revived three times. Two months later he was admitted to hospital with a paralysis unable to move his arms or legs for 3 months.

Whilst unable to move in his hospital bed, he resigned to the fact that he may never move his legs again. This realisation lead to his need to help others to change motorsport safety forever. Not wanting anyone to go through what he went through, his mind understood what was needed to save lives so every driver was able to walk away, home to their families.

Two months out of hospital Paul cut up the first neck device from a piece of foam with a hacksaw.  He then took his idea to a foam company and produced a prototype.  He then proceeded to 4 intensive hours of testing at the South Morang Go-kart track.

Karl Hemphill from Hemco Industries whom was the first company in Australia to make seat belts became the first investor of the neck device. This trusting connection developed when Paul was selling Hemco’s seat belts during his racing career.

In 2000, Paul drove from Hemco’s office to Sydney, Australia to meet with Simpson Race Wear, who signed a 50,000 unit order. Unfortunately at the same time Dale Earnhard was in a serious Nascar Race accident in America and passed away. The Hans Device then released their product changing standards from 3.3 SFI approvals to 38.1 SFI. Thus the next day, Approvals on the Hans was made mandatory.  By the time our founder arrived back at Hemco Industries the following morning, Karl Hemphill released the news to Paul that their order had been cancelled.


To further explain, car companies need A.N.C.A.P Approvals before they can sell a car on the road. These cars go through front, side, back, all four corners of car, roof impact, as well as drop test. All these are the same tests SFI do for race cars.

Race cars used to use foam neck collars to meet 3.3 burn test. This is not part of the 38.1 SFI tests, also 38.1 SFI Standard does not meet side on Impacts or up down impacts and it does not meet fume test under the helmet or fume test in the helmet.

Brase 360 will do the first ever bio medical sled test, ten angle tests, fire test around neck, as well as fumes tests under helmet. We will use 3D Avatar on sled and analyse every digital test, providing feedback on any week points and how to fix issues. We will do one sled test which is the same as A.N.C.A.P front on test. The only difference in road car test is they put test dummy in car.

For a Racing Test, a race seat as well race harness is put on the sled then shot down the sled track to a sudden stop. Once brase 360 changes 38.1 standard to the 36.0 Standard, it will make brase 360 the only device to be used in the World of Motorsport.

You will be amazed at the way our Brase 360 enable you to be a better and safer driver. The excitement of racing! Adrenaline, speed, fumes, competition and success. It’s fantastic isn’t it? We love it and we’re passionate about it – just like you.

One of the downsides of racing is accidents/collisions/”coming togethers”.

The other thing we’re passionate about is keeping you as safe as possible when a collision happens – whether it be with another competitor, a wall, a barrier or, whatever.

It’s for this reason we’ve designed and patented our Brase Yourself 360 System. It’s designed to keep you as safe as possible when you’re doing what you love. And, if you are unlucky enough to be badly injured in an accident, we are establishing the Brase Yourself Foundation to provide support for you and your family.


Not only does our Brase 360 protect you in front-on collisions, it is specifically designed to protect you from side-on and rollovers. Because it doesn’t interfere with your harness, you’ll find your belts stay tight and your movement in the seat will be minimized too. We also know that (especially for speedway drivers), it reduces eye-flutter as you head into the corners which puts you in the ideal position to get the absolute best line through the corner – this results in better lap times and therefore race results.

Imagine the impact of a product that not only protects your head and neck but also carries the weight of the helmet on you remaining fresh for the duration of the race. What will it mean for your lap times and race results if you can get a better line into a corner because your foundation is absorbing vibrations and giving you better vision (no eye flutter)? How will you feel when you are using a Brase 360 that is designed to be comfortable and deliver protection at the same time? You will be more confident, faster, more relaxed, safer and, above all, you will achieve better results and have a competitive advantage over drivers who aren’t using the Brase Yourself 360 system.

We’re serious about your safety. That’s why the Brase 360 was designed – Paul (the designer) was nearly killed wearing another device his experience resulted in this product.

We’ve tested it, some of the leading drivers in the world have tested it and they all love it.

Take the opportunity to get into this SFI Approved solution now! Here’s your chance to get at the front of the queue to get the best, most comfortable head and neck protection device available in the world.

Brase 360

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