Does the Brase 360 provide protection against top axial loading?

The Brase 360 design creates a physical barrier to compression, providing resistance against top axial loading.

Is the Brase 360 washable?

Yes, the padding is fully enclosed and shouldn’t require washing, the cover is removable and washable.

What type of helmet can be used?

The Brase 360 requires the use of a full face helmet.

Can the Brase 360 be used in a harnessed seat?

Yes, the Brase 360 is designed to be used either with or without seat belts, inside a seat or without a race seat or on a go kart or motor bike.

How much does the Brase 360 weigh?

2.2 lbs

Are seat belts integral to the Brase 360s operation?

No, the Brase 360 is designed to provide protection without requiring seat belts. For motocross riders and go-kart racers, the Brase 360 provides a superior level of protection. For auto racers, the Brase 360 will not interfere with your belts.

Do I need a different Brase 360 for each helmet?

No, the Brase 360 is transferable from helmet to helmet, so long as our hook & loop adhesive is applied to each helmet.

Is the Brase 360 38.1 Certified?

The Brase 360 Elite system is in development and SFI 38.1.

How long does it take to get one?

2 to 4 weeks

Is the Brase 360 comfortable?

The Brase 360 is one of the most comfortable head & neck restraints on the market. The state of the art padding and fire resistant synthetic cover have no sharp edges or painful compression points.

Does the Brase 360 provide side impact protection?

As the name implies, the Brase 360 provides superior side impact protection.

Does the Brase 360 accommodate 2” and 3” seat belts?

Since the Brase 360 doesn’t require seat belts to function, the device easily accommodates 2” or 3” belts.

Does the Brase 360 come in difference sizes?

Yes, the Brase 360 comes in 3 different sizes, small, medium and large.

Can I get the Brase 360 in different colors?

Yes, the Brase 360 cover comes in up to 27 different colors

Where is the Brase 360 manufactured

The Brase 360 is manufactured in Taiwan.

Will I need to drill my helmet?

No, the Brase 360 utilizes a hook and loop teethering system between your helmet and the Brase 360. The Brase 360 does not require your helmet to be drilled.

Is the Brase 360 Fire Resistant?

Yes, the Brase 360 has been certified as meeting the SFI 3.3 specification for Fire Resistance

How much does the Brase 360 cost?

Brase 360 only costs $299 USD.

This is the only device of its kind in the words to protect kids and adults in motor cross, go karts, speedway, powerboat racing, to off-road and road racing.

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