Paul Cleveland


After being badly injured in a major speedway accident in 1996, I wanted to develop a solution for drivers that took safety to a whole new level.

Our 360 System not only provides protection from frontal impact but also from all lateral impacts and rollovers – which other products on the market simply cannot deliver.

Tina Sharp

Managing Director

Robbie Cyrus

American Motorsport Director

Justin Peck

World Racing Director

Tim Macrow

World Motorsport Director

Hugh Barter

Australian Racing Director

Alan Huang

Executive Director

Warrick Taylor

Australian Motorsport Director

Darren Painter

Australian Series Director

Paris Charles

Australian Media Director


Tim Bell

Californian CEO

Outback Andy Foster

American Media Advisor

Tony Bagiensky

American Safety Director

Ryan Roy

Ohio Racing Director

Camie Bell

American Junior Motorsport Director

Jill Hickey

Victorian Motorsport Director

Michael Peters

World Governing Body Advisor

Matt McDonnell

Australian Junior Motorsport Director

John McKay

Australian Racing Advisor

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