Brase 360 Specs

Brase 360 Certification

The Brase 360 has been tested and approved by the SFI Foundation ( for use in motor sport.

The testing included a sled test and has successfully achieved 3.3 certification.


Brase 360 Sizing

To assist you working out what size Brase 360 to purchase:

Small Size fits:

All helmets with a circumference of 83cm (32 1/2 inches) +/-

This size if ideal for children/juniors but will depend on the helmet design (eg: Motocross).  If unsure, measure the circumference of the bottom lip of the helmet or contact us.

Medium Size fits:

All helmets with a circumference of 86cm (34 inches) +/-

Large Size fits:

All helmets with a circumference of 91 cm (36 inches) +/-

Brase 360 Standard Colours

Black – White – Blue – Red

Brase 360 Custom Colours & Replacement Covers

So you’d like another cover in a different color?  We offer you that option too!

Just choose from the range of colors listed in the link below and If there is another color you’d like, please contact us

Brace 360 Field Testing

The testing procedures have been carried out by drivers in speedway, circuit racing and rallying, with the system also being tested in go-karts and motorbikes.

The neck brace covers all facets of motorsport, from go-karts onwards, but also in motorbikes which other manufacturers just can’t provide.

One driver who has done extensive testing is current Australian Formula 3 Champion and Dunlop Series V8 Supercars driver Tim Macrow.

The 360 System provides the protection, features and comfort that every driver is demanding.

The best part about the system is that you don’t even know your wearing it, and it doesn’t rely on seat belts or tethers for the 360 system to be used. This means that everyone from go-karts to motorbikes can be protected.

Brase Yourself!

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